Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thanks for checking in! The Forest Service is excited about this proposed wildlife habitat improvement project. We believe it is essential for maintaining healthy wildife populations in the valley and to improve the health of vigor of the vegetation. For maps and more detailed information on the project, go to , and navigate to Land and Resources Management/Projects. This blog is not part of the official NEPA comment process, but we will be checking it often and will try to answer any questions you may have. Hopefully it will provide a forum to share ideas and highlight any concerns you may have. Thanks again!

Scott Fitzwilliams
Forest Supervisor, White River National Forest

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  1. How very interesting that there are no comment posts on your blog....when so many people have so much to say about the WRNF these days. I have now been a home ower in Ruedi Shores for six years. I am a year round and very caring resident. Since purchasing my home in October of 2004 i have notice huge changes to our little (fryingpan) valley. Not but one or two beetle trees back then, and more than i care to count now. Im sure that you understand that i speak mostly of the area around ruedi creek and reudi shores. This being the Ruedi over look and on around onto Red Table where the population of pine thins. When in this proposal the fryingpan valley is listed are these ares included in the proposal? i was not able to locate the link for any maps. I understand and agree with the documents, fully aware this may affect my commute times and my "back yard" recreation. Many have spoken against this propsal. i have read it it in the paper i have heard it in coffee shops..."it ties in with hidden gems" they say, "the land that is proposed for wildernes should be left untouched." I dissagree. I also belive that the Red Table is a significant piece of land that should be left for open recreational use, but this is for another discussion, and i dont even own a mtn bike much like a dirt bike! My concirn is that with both proposals present on the table the land, in my view everyday out my kitchen window and on the drive to town, that needs the most help may be left out of this tree removal and fuel reduction project. I have been on our board for 4 years now and am at this juncture not only concirned for my own home but under stand the larger scope. That at 40 some homes we are only at half build capacity for our subdivision and we have close neighbors with ruedi creek, windward ranch and many others. "Thing's ain't what they used to be", there is a growing community up here! I would hate for this to become a huge threat...I think about it every day, I LIVE here. So I hope that these words reach ears that are still open and listening..."public comment...accepted until jan 18," today being the 19. ;) Erica Cleaver